Stewartstown Station



The Stewartstown Railroad Station

(Photo by Eric J. Bickleman)








The Stewartstown Railroad station was opened for business on December 28, 1914

and replaced an earlier railroad station built at a different location in the town. The

building was situated and constructed in order to facilitate the interchange of

passengers and freight with the connecting New Park & Fawn Grove Railroad

which entered Stewartstown from the east. It is an unusually substantial structure

for a small, locally-owned railroad such as the Stewartstown and continues to serve

as the operating headquarters of the railroad to the present day. The station was

listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.


The station has been maintained over the years by employees of the railroad and

through the volunteer efforts of the "Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc." an

informal organization which raised funds through souvenir sales in conjunction

with scenic excursions offered by the railroad. Most recently, emergency efforts

were undertaken to stabilize the portion of the roof over the passenger waiting

room. Repairs to that portion of the roof were later completed with the assistance

of a contractor. Currently, efforts are underway to replace the waiting room ceiling

which had suffered previous water damage.


Much additional work is needed to completely stabilize and preserve this unique

and historic building including further repairs to the remainder of the roof, painting

of the exterior woodwork and repairs to the brickwork and concrete platforms.


Watch this website for upcoming news on a

fundraising campaign to support these efforts.



Stewartstown Station

The painting above is by William A. Falkler, well known in York County for his

paintings of historic buildings. Mr. Falkler began his career in 1972 and is a

graduate of the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. He was a

teacher and later president of the York Academy of Arts until he left to travel

and pursue his love of painting.